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L-Glutathione Skin Oil with saffron 


A natural oil which brightens, lifts, firms and hydrates the skin. L-Glutathione, saffron and vitamins gently lighten the skin tone, while maintaining moisture and balance. Lycopene protects the skin from ultra violet damage. Skin is nourished, glowing, soft and smooth. Softens stretch marks and lightens scars. 


Made from 100% natural and certified plant-based ingredients, L-Glutathione skin oil lightens dark spots and pigmentation while fighting free radical damage, resulting in balanced, glowing natural skin. 


Our natural plant based formula contains : L-Glutathione, Lycopene, Amino acids, Vitamins A+C+E, Cocos nucifera and saffron.

Organic Health Solutions L-Glutathione Skin Oil

R289.00 Regular Price
R144.50Sale Price
  • L-Glutathione, Lycopene, Amino acids, Vitamins A+E+C, Cocos nucifera with Saffron.

  • Apply evenly to face and body in morning and evening, after cleansing. Massage in circular motions for better absorption. Wait 5-10 minutes for oil to absorb before applying make-up. 

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