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Do You Glow?

As women we glow in many ways, not only by what we want the world to see from the outside, but understanding our inner glow is just as important. Living a natural lifestyle and extending those beliefs creates an environment that enhances our inner glow.

In honour of Women’s Month we would like to introduce and tell you about a few of the glowing women we know.

Aisha Ligoria, owner of Petal Dew in Hillary KZN, is a passionate soul, who’s transformation into the natural organic world has been one of personal struggle and strife. Suffering from vitiligo for most of her life, she tried many recommended cortisone products without much success. As a last hope Aisha went the organic route. She was so impressed with the results she spread the word. Aisha has many customers suffering the same skin condition, and many feel that all hope is lost. Adding to her perfumery, Aisha has extended her reach with many natural organic products. Her growth has been phenomenal as more people embrace a natural lifestyle.

Nomusa’s excitement began when she found there was an alternative to chemically based products. While studying to better her opportunities in her business field, Nomusa tried the organic skin range. She was so impressed that she started spreading the word in Harare, advising women to use the healthier option. Nomusa has gone the extra mile in explaining the benefits of toning rather than lightening and has been engaged with her clients explaining the necessity of going natural.

Hemantha a single mom, with her sister, a certified Reiki Master established Aroma girls in 2016, providing healthy vegetarian and vegan foods, and later added health products; though finding vegan friendly and animal cruelty free products was as struggle. Hemantha tried and tested various products. As Organic Health Solutions’ products are vegan, and cruelty free and was not harsh on her sensitive skin, Hemantha added to her range and began marketing and advocating, reinforcing Aroma Girls’ slogan ‘revitalising the mind, body and soul, by providing healthier options.’

Agents being part of our team have grown not only our company, but each individual too. We are a business run by women, a mother daughter journey, and we believe that by empowering other women to become financially stable, equipped with knowledge for vitality and health, a glowing vision is being created.

May your light always shine, and your soul always glow!

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