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Behind the Label

Gwen spent 8 years in the Sinai desert learning about oils, sands and natural healing remedies. Upon her return to South Africa she founded Organic Health Solutions in 2015. Organic Health Solutions  is a small family run business that prides itself on producing products that are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Each order is individually packed to ensure it arrives fresh and to the highest quality. All our ingredients are organically grown and harvested from responsible sources. 

Over the past four years the business has flourished as more people embrace the natural lifestyle, and today our products are available directly through mail order, as well as from retail outlets such as Faithful to Nature and Nutri-Balance in Sandton City.  Aside from our excitement of our expanding retail presence we have launched our products in Botswana, where we have an enthusiastic and growing client base. We are working hard to get our products into more retailers across South Africa and Southern Africa. 

Organic Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd is based in the North West Province of South Africa. We offer shipping and delivery to anywhere in South Africa. 

Our growth has been an exciting journey and we have learnt so much. We are humbled by the amazing people we have met on our way, and the enthusiasm in our products continues to excite us. We are always striving to improve, and are constantly working to upgrade not only our products but also our packaging. Our current challenge being plastic free! 

All our products are made from plant sourced materials, just natural the way mother nature intended! 

Join us in embracing a healthy and natural lifestyle! 

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