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Shop - Pay - Ship - Smile

  1. Select what you want and add it to your cart or use BUY NOW Button if you don't want to create a profile (NOTE : BUY NOW button is not available on mobile devices) 

  2. Create a profile : login for your cart 

  3. Go to cart and confirm order 

  4. Confirm delivery and contact details - if its your first time you would need to enter these 

  5. Select payment method 

  6. ​Select YOCO if you're paying with a debit or credit card - you will be directed to YOCO to make payment 

  7. Select OFFLINE if you would like to make a payment into our bank account​ - a confirmation email will be sent with banking details

  8. An email will be sent once your order has been placed 

  9. Your order will then be processed and packed and shipped to the address provided.

  10. You will receive a notification of your tracking number to track and look out for delivery. 


Add items to your cart


Use one of the payment options available 


Delivery made to your door with The Courier Guy 

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